The process of forming the DAO will take place in several stages. At the first stage, we will airdrop the NFT to active users of SHIBA INU token, we will take into account the number of transactions, the date of the oldest transaction and the current balance of SHIBA INU tokens in the calculation of the number of tickets. As a preparation for the second stage, we will run several challenges for NFT holders, so we can weed out inactive participants and airdrop the governance token only for the active part of the community. After the launch of the governance system, we will conduct a series of initial votes. Based on the results of this voting, the main ideas and direction of the project development will be formed. Thus DOGISLAND will officially come under the control of the DAO.

The Game

DOGISLAND is an open-world action-adventure survival game. Explore a mix of handcrafted and procedurally generated areas, fully customize your own private island, breed animals, meet other players, fight monsters, gamble your life in the spirit world, and more!


Inspired by some of our favorite games such as Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and more. DOGISLAND combines all of the great aspects of these games we enjoyed so much, to bring everything together in one exciting game that we hope you will get to play and enjoy!

You awaken on a sunny deserted island.

Your memory is fuzzy, and you’re unsure of how you wound up here. Explore the island, gather resources and assemble a raft to help find your way home. But be careful! The island isn’t as uninhabited as it appears! At night, monsters roam the land and won’t hesitate to attack you! Craft tools and weapons, stoke campfires and survive the night! Once you finally find a way off the island, the adventure is only beginning…

What makes DOGISLAND unique in its genre?

You're not restoring a farm, you're restoring the world. DOGISLAND focuses more on survival and exploration. Your goal is to expand your reach to multiple islands throughout the world, and help bring them together. Throughout your journey you will not only greatly improve your own island, but also improve the lives of villagers on other islands!

Say goodbye to a 2am bedtime!

Sleep whenever and wherever you want! DOGISLAND uses a creative system of buffs and de-buffs to better challenge the player when it comes to conserving and replenishing energy.

If you’ve played any of the games we mentioned as inspirations, you’ll be familiar with the controls in DOGISLAND. Everything is very “hands on” and We’ve designed the game to work very well using only a keyboard or a controller. We’ve also made sure to include mouse functionality so you can choose what works best for you. Players will be able to fully remap the control scheme at launch, which will help provide a comfortable game play experience for everyone.

The game is very action-oriented.

Combat is fast-paced and immediate. We’ve worked hard to make sure the controls feel polished and responsive, and We are always open to feedback on improvements! But combat isn't the only challenge you can take on! Explore islands to find hidden dungeons which have been hand-crafted and randomized with some procedural elements to create truly unique dungeon exploration! Use all of your abilities and tools in creative ways to solve puzzle rooms and retrieve rare secret treasures!

There’s plenty to do in the world of DOGISLAND!

All of the usual activities are present, including woodcutting, mining, farming, fishing, crafting and a whole lot more! we will do our best to make sure all skills are properly balanced and enjoyable. Each skill also has its own set of achievements and rewards to help you improve your skills and also unlock new abilities!

Explore the world!

Explore many beautiful procedural generated and hand crafted islands complete with their own ecosystems of flora and fauna, their own weather cycles and their own climates. Vegetation reacts to wind, rain and fire. Islands you haven't visited for some time will show growth and change due to weather and other natural forces!

Create whatever your heart desires!

Customize your island to your liking! Carve out rivers or cut through mountains. Raise and lower the land, or change up the terrain!

Shiba inu collaboration airdrop


The main goal of the free dogisland airdrop is to form a community of active users who will participate in the life and development of the project.


  • Lucky holders of $SHIB will get 5555 free NFT mints.
  • Multi-accounting is prohibited.
  • Confirm at least 10M SHIB ownership.
  • More tokens ownership you confirm - more tickets you get.
  • Invite at least 2 friends by your referral link
    and get free mint

Registration opens in

  • Step 1: Follow & retweet pinned post.
  • Step 2: Connect your Metamask
  • Step 3: Register
  • Step 4: Sign transaction
  • Step 5: Wait until raffle ends
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